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Skin Care Q&A

Don't have unrealistic expectations. You only can do sun protection!
After using a face mask, it is essential to wash your face. The essence in the mask has been gradually absorbed and what remains on the skin is the unabsorbed residue.
Regular facial cleansers have larger molecules, and the pores on the skin are recessed. The dirt on the surface hides inside the pores, making it difficult to achieve deep cleansing and resulting in clogged pores.
When cleanser is exposed to oxygen, it will foam up automatically after 15 seconds without any rubbing.
Yes. Stress causes a chemical response in your body which leads it to produce a higher dose of the hormone cortisol
Choose bubble deep cleanser and miracle beauty mist. Both of the products was suitable for all skin types.
- UV exposure
- Hormonal changes
- Heredity
- Pigmentation
To remove pigmentation spots effectively, use our disiqi queen bee double extract essence with lightening ingredients.
1) Clean
Bubble Deep Cleanser

Oil blocked pores can lead to dermatitis formation, clean and gentle skin is best
2) Hydrate
Miracle beauty mist
The oil is the skin water-oil imbalance water to fill in place, the oil naturally less.

3) Brighten
Gory Cream
Moisturizing and anti-oxidant, even brightening skin tone, light texture, not heavy

Negative Ion

It provide antioxidant benefits and deeply nourish the skin, promoting healthy and beautiful skin
Glycerin mainly locks in the moisture that has reached the deep layer of the skin. With our negative ion and special hyaluronic acid providing hydration and glycerin locking in moisture, any excess moisture will be stored by the skin.
Hyaluronic acid of disiqi has a high PK value, can be dissolved in negative ion water.
The molecules of negative ion reduced water are smaller. Through the electrolysis process, the molecules of negative ion water are so small that they can reach the basal layer of the skin directly within three seconds. Once they reach the basal layer, the cells begin to activate. When the skin is well-hydrated, it will be in a very beautiful state.
- Nutrient delivery and antioxidant
- Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
- Remove dirt and grime
- strong penetrability
Negative ions water is believed to have positive effects on human cells by means of antioxidant activity, improvement of metabolism, and enhancement of immunity which can help prevent and treat diseases.
- 0 additives, edible grade
- Small molecules, fast penetration
- Purify and restore damaged skin


- Brightening
- Moisturizing
- Firming
- Repairing
- Skin loses elasticity
- Skin becomes loose and saggy
- Skin is dry and dehydrated
- Skin develops wrinkles
About 70% of the composition of the dermis in the skin is collagen